From Art to Hippos was created by two ladies who were trying to escape the craziness of the everyday. Holly is a wife and mother to one beautiful daughter (V). Lisa is a wife and mother to two wonderful daughters (D) and (A). And yes, if you ask they will both agree that their husbands count as their biggest children. They began their unusual friendship years ago and haven’t looked back.

Together they are superheroes (just ask them, they will tell you!) Between the pets, the kids, the husbands, the jobs, and the world in general they manage to tame the chaos and find a few minutes of “Mommy-Time.” They have found that creating art has allowed them to get their feelings and frustrations out. Join along in the journey from day to day as they discuss everything from art to hippos.

A Note from Holly:  From Art To Hippos will show you some of our favorite projects as well as offer an insight into the way we manage our crazy lives. Lisa and I come to art, parenting, and life from two completely different viewpoints. Yet somehow we manage to make it work. Our differences compliment each other. I am the bubbly, eternally optimistic, happy, bright-color loving, morning person. And Lisa is the kooky, dark-color loving, night owl who has perfected the resting bitch face (even when she doesn’t mean to). We will share our journey along the way and look forward to sharing it with you.

A Note from Lisa: Holly pretty much covered everything except for, she left out my favorite expression…f@#k!! I have found that there is a perfectly acceptable time and place to be prim and proper but managing my chaotic life isn’t that time. We always manage to find time to have fun and enjoy life.


We are always available for comments and questions. We do not claim to be experts (unless asked by our kids) but we will share what we have learned along the way. This life we lead works for us and these beliefs are our own. One of our biggest beliefs is that everyone should be allowed to be themselves and believe what they choose.

Email: FromArtToHippos@gmail.com

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