Just a little doodle…

Wow! Life seems to have really gotten away from me! It has been crazy around here and unfortunately my blogging time has suffered. I am hoping that I can begin to set time aside strictly for me and From Art To Hippos (I mean who am I kidding there is no life outside of what V is doing and her little circle right? haha!)

Ok, onto the art! I was so very excited to get my hands on a Dylusions black journal! The idea of working on an already dark surface was intriguing to me. Once I got it I had to smear my favorite paints (Dina Wakley Heavy Body) on the page to see how they reacted on the page. I was in love! The colors just popped right off the page! I then took a bazillion stencils out and began just randomly stenciling in colors I hadn’t used to see how they looked.


Once that was done I had no idea where to take this. So, I went to my go to when I have no ideas…circles! One became two, two became four, and the next thing I know my page was covered in circles! 


I love how the Uniball Signo wrote over the colors! So I decided to doodle in each circle. Nothing fancy, just a few lines and doodles.


When I began doodling I was planning on filling in every circle, but as I continued I realized I didn’t want to cover up all that beautiful background! So, I gave some of the circles a less detailed look. 


In the end, I love how it turned out! It makes for an amazing first page in my new journal! I did notice, however, that anywhere I used the magenta or blackberry paints it did end up bleeding through the white. In this instance, I don’t mind. It will be something to keep in mind for future projects though!!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! If you did let us know! Please like, share, comment, and scream it from the rooftops! Have a great day everyone!! ~Holly

Supplies used:

Dylusions Journal, DIna Wakley Media Paints (lemon, turquoise, blackberry, magenta, tangerine, lime, white, and ocean), stencils from The Crafters Workshop, Uniball Signo Pen.


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