My Come Back Journal Page.

Hello everyone!  It has been a great summer and now that both of my kids are in school, kindergarten and high school junior, I have more free time…Free Time!!  I will admit the first couple of weeks, I was a hot mess and had no idea what to do with myself.  I found I would turn on My Little Pony so I could have that familiar background noise as I worked around the house until I had to pick up D from school.  Then we would both pace around the house waiting for A’s bus to drop her off.  D won’t admit it, but she was a hot mess too lol!!

During this free time, I started a journal page.  I had this great idea of where I wanted it to go and how it should look.  In the end it wasn’t what I had imagined but I love it and even found the perfect quote!!  A list of material I used will be at the end of this tutorial.

I started off by putting masking tape in the middle of my art journal and stamping with my handmade circles stamp all over.  I wanted to add some other elements to the page before I did a light layer of gesso.  I stenciled some chevrons with a mix of distress paints.  I then, took some strips of dry wall tape and put them sporadically around the page.  I scribbled some Inktense blocks all over randomly.  I moved the colors around, with a wet paint brush, adding more color until I was satisfied with how it looked.  unnamed2unnamed3


I took some gesso and a wet paint brush and covered the page.  With a paper towel, I blotted up some areas that were too thick and wiped away the almost dried gesso in others.  I put down my squares stencil and used ink spray through it, then flipped the stencil over to get the excess spray.  The big splotchy areas was the result of the excess.  unnamed4


I forgot to seal the ink spray before proceeding, so my page became more blue then I had intended.  I took a circle stencil and used modeling paste through it.  I needed a break and when I came back to it, the paste blended in with my background. *sigh*  I decided to keep moving on but just in a different direction then what I had originally planned.  I grabbed my black Stabilo pencil and outlined the circles and blended it out with a water pen.  I used green acrylic paint through a vines stencil, periodically dabbing it in some gesso to lighten the color here and there.  After debating on what stamps I wanted to use, I came across a dragonfly and a script stamp I don’t use often and it seemed perfect.



Here is the final page!  I had some cutouts using various mop ups and scrapbook paper.  I found these butterflies that boldly stood out on the page.  The quote, I found, fit perfectly with how I was feeling!  I had one idea and it took me on another path and my page came out beautifully!  We need remember that even though we have one idea and it doesn’t come out exactly how we envisioned, something magical can happen.  Always remember there is no mistakes in art!!finished


Remember to like, share and comment!  We would love to hear from you!  Have a fantastic day!!


List of materials

  • Homemade circle stamps
  • Umbrella ink pads (amethyst, black and red)
  • Teresa Collins Shine stencil set (the chevrons)
  • Distress paints (weathered wood and salty ocean)
  • Inktense blocks
  • Dry wall tape
  • Dyan Reavely Dylusions squares stencil
  • Dylusions After Midnight ink spray
  • The Crafter’s Workshop Vines stencil
  • Inkadinkado birds and bugs stamps (dragonfly)


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