Better Together

Yesterday FromArtToHippos had an amazing moment! One of the tags I made got shared by The Crafters Workshop on Instagram!! I may have been geeking out a little bit and had to share the news with Lisa! That brought up a conversation we have had on multiple occasions. It is important to us that each of us feels validated and that we do not compete with each other. We are best friends and we have these worries. It made us think of all of the artists out there who compare their work and success to others. Lisa and I are two artists that love creating and getting painty. Yet, at the same time, you can give us the same materials and the same prompts and we create two completely different projects. For example, the main photo of the post is a canvas set that we created. We each had a set number of tags to create and we combined them on the canvas. (Here is the shameless plug: we will be selling wall canvases on the website shortly! So keep an eye open for the shop to appear!) My point is, each and every artist has something special to bring to the table. And as artists we should build each other up and encourage everyone to find happiness in their own work.

I love Dina Wakley and Donna Downey but I know that I am not as good as they are at creating certain things. That doesn’t stop me from loving what I do and being excited about each piece. Lisa is amazing when it comes to zentangling. I love the look of it and have tried it a few times. While there is no right or wrong way to create Lisa is definitely better at it than I am. The same goes for my gelli prints. I am great at creating prints with lots of detail and layers. Lisa has trouble creating gelli prints. She once told me that she can watch me create a gelli print and think to herself ‘that isn’t so hard I can totally do that!’ Then she gets home and tries it and it doesn’t tun out right. I tease her all the time that the reason that I have become an art journal addict is because she introduced me to zentangling and since I couldn’t do it very well I went to art journaling. Haha!! 

We have completely different styles and yet somehow our work complements each other. I am glad for our friendship and our creationship. We bring out so much in each other. o remember that the next time that you find yourself doubting your abilities or comparing your work to someone elses. You are part of an amazing community. You are the complimentary part to all of our work! 

So as I sign off, please remember that if you enjoy what we do to like, share, comment, and scream it from the rooftops! We would love to see you on Instagram, Facebook, and Yourtube. 🙂 Have an amazingly painty day!!

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