Gelli Play Tools

Good morning everyone!

It has been such a crazy summer for us here at From Art To Hippos! “V” has been keeping me very busy on her summer break and I am starting to get just as excited as she is for school to start again. This means more play time for me!

Lisa and I have been working on some ideas that we will be sharing with you all very soon. We are very excited for what we see “From Art To Hippos” achieving this year! 

So, now onto the post. 🙂 

I saw a post on the Gelli-Arts blog about texture blocks. In this post Birgit Koopsen, takes found things and applies them to wooden blocks. It was such an easy idea that I knew I had to try it. I asked my husband to take some scrap wood we had and cut me small blocks. I then used tacky glue to adhere all of my found bits to four of the six sides. Birgit did all six sides but I wanted to have a clean place to grab each block. (I don’t know why considering I  always get as painty as my prints!) I ended up with six blocks. That is 24 different textures at my finger tips!

I have to say, I absolutely love these blocks!! I usually have bits and pieces strewn all over my create space. This way I was able to have some great texture and there was no digging through everything to find just the right texture. I also liked how I was able to manipulate the impression by how hard I pressed down on the block. 

If you have any spare wood lying around I would definitely recommend making yourself some of these wonderful tools!

Here are some pictures of my “test” pages and the blocks that I have made (so far!!).


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