Easy Zendoodle on Ink Spray Background

I have to say this week has been an emotional roller coaster for me!  “D” finished her Sophomore year today and continues her journey towards adulthood.  She decided to stay here this summer, instead of going to her dad’s, to work on getting her driver’s license and a job.  For me, that means I will have a little extra time, during the day, to work on my art while she plays with her little sister.  Once she starts working, that may be a different matter.  She is very supportive of what I do, so I know that if I say “hey can you entertain “A” while I work” there will be no issues.

I originally had inked up a sheet of bristol paper and did the salt technique.  Once I started to draw with the Microns pens they weren’t working so well, I am not sure why, I removed the salt and lightly sanded it so I knew that wasn’t the problem.  They worked fine on a plain sheet, so I put that aside and started a new page but with different inks and no salt. ***I did finish the original just using my Posca pen and added it to the end of the video***

Today, I went with a simple Zentangle/doodle.  I started off with a sheet of Strathmore bristol paper and sprayed it with Holly’s homemade spray inks.  In case you missed it you can find it here,  Make Your Own Spray Inks!!

Once it was mostly dry,  I put down a stencil and took a baby wipe to remove some of the ink, which left a ghosting effect.  I mainly used micron sizes 01, 03, 05, Posca extra fine and fine black pen and some random inks for splatters.

Enjoy this easy and colorful Zendoodle and have a great day!  As always feel free to like, share and comment.


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