Mixed Media Bookmarkers

I love to read and have been known to have several book going at the same time.  My problem is, I don’t like to dog ear a page and I don’t like buying bookmarkers for 2 plus bucks.  Today, I decided to make my own book markers and whatever extras I have, I will give to friends as gifts.

I started getting everything ready, by taking a sheet of Strathmore bristol paper and cutting it in half.  I took the halves and glued them together with matte medium.  You can use whatever you have on hand, paper and glue wise.  I just wanted mine to be a little thick.  I took a piece of wax paper, put it on top of my piece, placed a few heavy books on top and waited until it was dry and flat.  Once that was done, I took the paper and cut them into 2 inch strips.  You can make yours as long and wide as you like.  Once they were cut, I lined them back up and taped them together with painters tape, flipped it over and began creating.

Once you get to the end adding quotes, this is where you can add whatever embellishments, ribbon or tassels to your bookmarks.  I plan on laminating mine later so I didn’t do anything fancy.

Enjoy and feel free to like, share and comment!  Have a great day everyone!


*Update*  I didn’t finish the back side in the video.  I noticed when I was taking the tape off, that it ripped up some of the paper.  I had planned on doing something super simple with the back side but with the rough parts that wasn’t going to work out.  I decided to randomly scribble colors of Faber Castell Gelatos and blend my finger with a bit of water.  I stamped some tissue paper with my faded text background stamp by Stampabilities, and glued it on with matte medium.


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