Sleepless Nights #1

I am having trouble falling asleep, so I went to my craft room and started messing around.  I flipped through some of my journals and picked one that wasn’t finished and proceeded to prep it to be a background to use later.  Here is the page I started with.

Homemade stamp test page in main journal.


*I regret while in the zone I didn’t take any pictures of my progress until the end*

I taped the middle seam with masking tape partly because I wasn’t sure where I was going to go with the page.  Once I had that all done, I started to randomly stamp the left side.  After that, I poured out some Liquitex gesso on the page and spread it around with my brush  I watered it down with my spritz bottle of water in some areas.  Using the heat tool, I dried it a little bit and mopped up any excess with a paper towel.

Once I had the gesso all dried, I randomly stamped around with the homemade stamps, in different colors using Archival ink pads.

I had made some homemade ink sprays using Inktense Blocks and acrylics.  I found tutorials on Pinterest and honestly I had to mess around with ratios to get it to where I loved the colors.  I have some bottles that are Inktense, a few that are acrylics and a couple of “shimmer” spray attempted using mica powder lol.  For this page, I used mostly Inktense sprays and a metallic blue acrylic spray.  I think there may be an Artdeco shimmer white spray in there as well, it’s late and I am half awake 🙂

After all that was sprayed on and dried, I took some of these fun little white tissue paper circles that I got for $1.50 at Michael’s and stamped them with a background stamp.

Paper Confetti, I got at Michael’s

I randomly glued them down with Liquitex Matte Medium and this is how it looks currently.  I am hoping with the long holiday weekend, I’ll be able to finish this 🙂  Good night everyone, I am gonna try and get some sleep!


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  1. Nice patterns, did you use stencils?


    1. Thank you Jade. 🙂 I drew most of the patterns myself, a select few were altered/inspired from stencils.


      1. Wow, amazing. Such talent!


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