Tangled Fairy (Part 1)

Hello everyone!  I am a little late with my Tangled Thursday, for that I apologize.  I didn’t realized how time consuming my first attempt at this would be!!  Also, I will admit, that this week has been stressful mentally and kinda put a jinx on my janx.

With that being said, we all know about the adult coloring book craze right?!?!  I have a few coloring books but honestly I haven’t even attempted to color in them yet lol!!  I recently purchased an awesome book with Fairies! (yes I am an adult who still believes in Fairies!)   I thought to myself, why not attempt to tangle the page along with a little bit of color. HA!  It was a challenge, that I wasn’t sure I should continue after today.  But, I said to myself, I am not a quitter, just because something is hard or challenging, doesn’t mean I should walk away!  It’s kind of a life lesson as well if you think about it. 🙂

.  Marty Noble & Darcy May
Found this at Michael’s by Barbara Lanza, Marty Noble & Darcy May

I took out a few pages and copied them onto Strathmore Bristol paper.  I had to decide which one would work best for this.  Then, I colored the fairy with Copic markers, switched to my Micron pens and started Zentangling away!  I am halfway done and I am loving how it’s turning out.  I may have to do a few more, frame them and hang them up in my craft room!

Copied onto Strathmore Bristol paper.  Colored with Copic markers.
The original coloring page, trimmed down and colored.


Enjoy part 1 of Tangled Fairy and hopefully you will look at your coloring books in a different way.  Feel free to like, share and comment your thoughts and have a great weekend!!

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