Mixed Media Leftovers

I am a craft paper hoarder.  A paper, cut out scraps, oh look this would be cool for texture hoarder.  There, I have taken the first step to admitting I may have a problem and I feel relief! 🙂

I have a tote dedicated to my leftover papers, mop ups and other mixed media leftovers.  I, also, have a bin that is filled with leftover tissue paper, crepe paper and used wax paper.  They are getting a little full and I thought to myself, why not share another way I use them up.

 Here is an example of my first “scraps” page.

Here is one I did in my art journal.


Materials I used for this video was very minimal.

  • Liquitex: Basics acrylics, Matte medium, Gesso
  • ArtDeco Crackle Glaze
  • Couple of stamps
  • Tim Holtz Splatter brush
  • Dylusions paints black and white for the splatters
  • Inka Gold
  • a ton of scraps and leftover stuff


There really is no right or wrong way to do this, just start grabbing bits and gluing them down randomly, as many or little as you like.  This has been a great way for me to get inspired instead of feeling intimated over a big, blank white page.


Don’t worry it will look like a hot mess but that’s okay.  Grab your gesso and start spreading it around.  You can spritz a little bit of water to thin it out in areas, however you want.


Now grab your paints, stamps, add more bits of scraps, whatever you have to work with and let your imagination fly!!  Most importantly, have fun with this!!

Enjoy and thank you for stopping by!  Feel free to share, comment, like and perhaps share with us what you made inspired by this video!  See you all again soon and have a fantastic day!


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