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Good morning!

“V” is finally back at school so that meant that I had a little bit of time to get painty. I have been thinking a lot about how people compare their art journals, canvases, tags, Gelli print, or any work of art for that matter, to what another person creates. When I first began I was all stressed because my piece didn’t look like the one I had seen. I would get discouraged. Then I realized that I have my own way of looking at things. I have my own artistic abilities. They aren’t the same as anyone else’s just like I am not like anyone else. When I realized this so much stress went away. I was able to enjoy getting out my supplies. I was able to enjoy creating, because there was no pressure. 

If I can convey anything to a person who is just starting out on their artful journey (or anyone wanting to create) it would be “Take it easy on yourself. Create what makes YOU happy. Use colors that YOU enjoy. Find what makes YOU unique and run with it. Don’t compare yourself to others and always remember there are no mistakes in art!”

So with that said, I created a video showing just how abstract my work really is. I have no idea what it is going to turn into but I enjoy the process. And I hope you will too!

As always if you like what we are doing like, comment, share, and scream it from the rooftops!

Have a great day!


One Comment Add yours

  1. tyna says:

    Love this video thank you. Have been very stuck for awhile.


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