Mop Up Paper Flowers

I had shared with you a tutorial on how to make cute houses using your mop up paper, misc book pages and leftover scrapbook paper.  Today, I am going to show you another use for those same “scraps” by making cute flowers.

Here is are the basic shapes you will use.  Circles for the center, stems, leaves and petals.  For the petals, I took the paper and folded it in half, then half again and cut out a tear drop shape.  This way you can get more petals.  The leaves and stems I just free-handed with the scissors.  20160408_012515-1

Once you get a generous amount of cutouts, you can now arrange the center and petals to your liking. Then glue down with matte medium or in this case I used the Recollections Mixed Media adhesive (which I had purchased at Micheals on sale).  It has a fine tip and a little goes a long way.



Here is how the petals turned out. 20160408_014624-1

Next, I added the stems and leaves.20160408_021135-1

I added some details with paint markers, micron pens, paint, stamps and charcoal.  I used the heat gun to make sure everything was dry and set so it wouldn’t smear as I worked.20160409_171152-1

Finally, a background page I made, awhile ago, with napkins in two different colors and  corresponding acrylic paints.  I think these particular flowers will be a perfect addition to the page and help me finish it.  🙂


I hope you enjoyed this quick and easy tutorial on using up “scraps” of paper.

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