Easy Flower Tangle

I have been a busy lady the past few days!  Earlier this week was my birthday, so I was being a lazy butt 🙂  Then I spent a better part of two days planning, shopping and making freezer meals.  Honestly, I hate being asked what is for dinner everyday and having no idea because I didn’t plan ahead.  I am sure we have all been there, done that at some point.   Now, I don’t have to do anything but thaw, cook and make a side dish.  Woohoo go me!

I digress!  Here is my second video for Tangled Thursday, which I almost spaced out posting today.  It’s a pretty simple flower design that you can add whatever tiny details to.  It was finished enough for the video, but I think I will come back to it at another point and add more details and possibly color.  Enjoy and have a great day!


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