Mop Up Paper Houses

I hate to waste anything, whether it be ink sprays, unused scrapbook paper, gelli prints that didn’t work out or paints.  I take random colored card-stock and place them in between my pages or off to the side.  I use up any excess paint through a stencil, clean off the brayer or use up any paint left on brushes on these papers.  It also collects any over spray from inks and I use them to block off part of a page I don’t want stamped.   I have a little tote full of scrap papers and other odds and ends in hopes I can use it for other mixed media projects.

Here’s a small sample of some of the papers I am working with today.

I cut random shapes to form houses and arrange them until I have a color pattern I like.


I use matte medium to glue and seal all the pieces. (you can use whatever glue you have)

Now the fun begins!  Grab whatever pens, markers, stamps, pencils and start decorating.  I use charcoal pencil to outline the windows and doors then use a water pen to blend it out a little.  (I am pretty sure that’s not the right way but I love the look)  I make the door knobs, stamp around in some areas.  There really is no limit to your imagination!

Here is the finished look and a few other houses I have made.


more housesAren’t they cute!!

Finally here’s some I used in my journal.


I hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial and are inspired to make your own!  Stay tuned for mop up paper uses!

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