Gelli Play Wednesday 2

First of all, yes I realize I am sharing this on Friday. My family is going on a trip to Florida for V’s spring break. So, needless to say life has gotten away from me a tad bit. 🙂 That leads me to the second thing…I may not be able to post Gelli Play Wednesday for next week. I guess only time will tell and I will do my best. 

Today’s post is going to be full of pictures and the link to the “video” will be at the end. For some reason my phone (which I use to record videos) decided it was too full to do anything amazing (i.e. record a video!) this week. 

One of the biggest things for me when it comes to Gelli printing is having a lot of texture in my layers. I love using masks but they can be so expensive! While my husband understands that my crafty crafting keeps the crazy away, it isn’t always feasible to stock up on supplies. So I decided to try my hand at making my own. 

I used some masking sheets I had bought a long time ago to cover my art journal page from overspray. I drew some random designs (I love circles and sqiggles) and then cut them out. I also used my Sizzix to cut out the butterfly design. I also used laminating sheets. I really liked how the laminating sheets worked. They were also a lot less expensive.

I store them in a clear envelope with all of my other Gelli supplies. The options are limitless! I may have found a new addiction. 🙂

So, now onto Gelli Play Wednesday…


5×7 Gelli Plate
Dylusions paints (Bubblegum Pink, Vibrant Turquoise, and Lemon Zest)
Homemade Masks
Palette Knife (to apply paints and to lift masks)

The first thing that I did was to apply my first layer of color. Then I applied my masks where I wanted them to be. For those of you that haven’t used masks before, once you place the mask there will either be a void (if you didn’t paint below the mask) or the color under it will remain after adding more layers. I pulled the first print and added more colors, making sure my masks stayed in place. I pulled off my masks and the yellow showed from where the masks were covering it. I realized only after I had taken the pictures that there was a sneaky little mask hiding inside one of the circles. haha!

I hate wasting paint. I try to figure out how to use every last drop of it! I also do not clean my masks and stencils ( I know shame on me) unless I have used modeling paste on them. So I want a way to get as much of that color off as possible. Since I love collage and art journaling I have started to use a blank piece of paper to “clean” my masks and stencils. I place them on the paper and use my brayer to transfer the paint to the page. This cleans them and also creates some very interesting pages.


I then used a squiggly line mask I made and also the butterfly I cut out using my sizzix. I repeated the same process as above. I did however, paint a thin layer of white to do a final pull. My paint had dried and I needed a color that would compliment all of the layers. I sometimes love the ghost prints and the prints that have dried layers the best. I tend to get some of my best pulls in these situations. 

In the end, I have a bunch of very interesting prints that can be used for so many different projects and I got to see just how my homemade masks worked. I love them! 

I hope you enjoyed this installment of Gelli Play Wednesday. I will post the video link below. Also…keep your eyes open for a giveaway we have planned coming up! It is going to be very exciting! Lots of great goodies! As always, if you enjoyed this post please like, share, and comment!! Thanks everyone!!

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