Yay! Our first post!

I am so excited to begin this journey with everyone! We have started on a path of creation! We are finally getting everything organized (well sort of) and we are super excited! I am going to be honest and admit that we are totally just winging it. There are so many things that happen in our day to day lives and for the longest time I didn’t have an outlet. I couldn’t just run to my room and hide because V always wanted to know what was I doing and could she do it with me. I came across art journaling quite by accident. That has been almost two years ago now. I have found that I enjoy certain mediums, techniques, and products more than others. I am obsessed with stencils and bright paints for my backgrounds. I also love to get dirty. I use my fingers constantly. There is just something very organic to me about playing in the paints. 

One of the first things I would like to introduce you to is Gelli Play Wednesday. Every Wednesday I will be posting a tutorial on various gelli plate techniques. Some days it may just be a day of me pulling a bazillion prints, others it may be a new technique I am trying out, or maybe one about the specific tools and what they do…who knows! I do want to invite you to follow along and if you ever have any questions please comment on here or email me at fromarttohippos@gmail.com

I am posting the link to the trailer for “Gelli Play” at the bottom of this post and later today I will be posting the tutorial for today’s Gelli Play Wednesday. 




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